Commerical Cable Internet

Commercial Cable Internet is now available!!!

Business Cable Internet is now available!!!

Cable Internet Services for Business

30 x 5
up to 30 Mbps Download
up to 5 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data
500 x 30
up to 500 Mbps Download
up to 30 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data
1024 x 50
up to 1024 Mbps Download
up to 50 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Data


Miscellaneous Fees

Activation Fee$150.00
Overage charge over 300 Gb$0.55 / Gb
Account Changes$6.00
Fee if dispatch is required$105.00
Cable modem$180.00

Complaints and the CCTS

Do you have a complaint?  Click here to find out how we handle them internally and through the CCTS, an independant agency.