Sunday July 10th Update

Just an update regarding service on our wireless network.

Roger’s has not returned their network to 100 percent operation yet.
Many of you may have read the multiple articles that service has been restored and it has been, BUT, restored and 100 percent operational are two different things.

Many clients are experiencing no service, intermittent service and even slow service.
This appears to be a system wide issue and Roger’s are currently working on resolution but again we do not have an ETA for resolution.

We will post updates as we find out more and we have a few clients we are working directly with to test as things are reported (thanks Mark, Don, and Laura).

If service is not restored soon we will have to make some major changes to facilitate service through another provider which is a large under taking and will result in an extended outage while reconfiguration occurs.
This would be both now and when Roger’s gets their services working properly.

We do appreciate the support and patience of everyone and understand the frustration being experienced by each of you.


The Falcon Internet Team